Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time Management Tips?

So one of my new year resolutions, really one of my life resolutions, has been to manage my time better. Here are a few things that I'm trying to do (that I usually don't do) that I'm finding really make a difference. They sound like no-brainers, but I think most of us don't actually do them, especially in our one-second-attention-span culture.

1. Make to-do lists in order of priority.
2. Do the hardest tasks before the easiest tasks.
3. Always finish a task (or a chunk of a task) completely before moving on to another task.
4. Check email and favorite internet sites less (i.e. limit facebook, ESPN, and CNN to once a day).
5. Preach the Gospel to myself. (If I find it difficult to do 1-4, it's b/c I'm not doing this.)

What have you found to be helpful?