Friday, November 2, 2007

God's Provision 2 - A New Job!

As some of you have heard already - after many weeks of resume and cover letter writing, prayer and some tears, I have been blessed with a new job!

Starting this Monday, Nov. 5, I will be a Marketing Assistant with a non-profit hospice organization that provides mostly in-home care and services to patients with terminal illnesses as well as emotional and spiritual support services to families of patients. They also have a 12-bed in-patient facility where they provide these services.

A few brief answers to some questions you might ask:

- What are you going to do? I will basically serve as a support staff member to the Marketing team, so my duties will include anything to help implement the marketing programs set up by the Marketing Manager and VP, as well as some general administrative tasks.

- What do you do to market a hospice organization? From what I know so far, education is the emphasis - primarily, educating patients and families about the services offered so that they will use the services, and educating healthcare providers so that they will refer their patients. Other target groups would include potential volunteers and donors. The tactics are more like community outreach and public relations (e.g., speakers' bureaus) - not as much things like broadcast or print advertising, although there is some of that as well.

- Are you going to work with hospice patients? I will rarely, if ever, have direct contact with hospice patients because I will be on the administrative side of the organization and in the administrative offices. But of course I still have to understand their needs and situations as best as I can.

That's a quick overview - I'll probably have more details after I get started. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement during this job search process. I'd greatly appreciate your continued prayers, specifically that this new job would work out well and that Ben and I will make the necessary adjustments in our daily schedules to balance work/school and personal life. Above all, thank God for His faithfulness and provision! His love never fails!


Steph said...

Congratulations Rachel! I've had a little experience with a hospice organization, and it is amazing what they do. Let us know how the first day goes! Good Luck.

Jennifer said...

congrats =)

after all those prayers during sg ... God provides and he is good!

i just went to my first college retreat this weekend and i thought a lot about our cbc youth retreats and how i totally miss it.

im glad God in working in you puns up there. miss you both very much!

...btw rach, longhorns won this weekend by a field goal ... althought i do have to agree with you that this season all the games have been WAY too close ... and the rockets are up 3-0!

Aly said...

teehee i like jenn's comment about the rockets. all the wayyyy!!! :]

congrats big time on the jorbbb! u helping ppl... its so... you :]

p.s. i laughed pretty hard at the bp sleep talking post hehe. even got a lil teary eyed :P