Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lesson for Current and Future Married Men

I know that a lot of married men play with their wedding rings. They get bored or fidgety and start tossing it around, spinning it, etc. I saw my friend Jose do this at my last job and I also saw Conan O'Brien challenge himself to see how long he could get his ring to spin on his desk. Anyway, this is a minor pet peeve of mine because I am always afraid the ring will get lost. Ben does this fairly frequently and I tell him to stop, but he still does it.

So I wasn't too shocked when I came home one day last week and saw this on the kitchen table.

Me: "What is that?"
Ben: "Funny story..."

As you might've guessed, he had been playing with his ring and it rolled underneath the oven. So he crafted a hook device from some rolled-up magazines to get it out. 

*dramatic reenactment

Guys, please don't play with your wedding rings! Thank you.


wounded healer said...

haha, hilarious... i've lost 2 rings, though they weren't necessarily my fault. but i do keep it on at all times now.

Heewoo said...

dramatic indeed... :)
hope you two are well.

Anonymous said...

that's a great invention. you should patent it. :) keke..
question, the ring rolled off your finger when you were spinning it? or you wisely spinned it on a table top to see how long it would spin?
--jenny chang--

bpun said...

jenny -- i was actually tossing it up and playing catch with it and i missed and it rolled under the oven. yup... i learned my lesson.