Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prolonging your Laptop battery life

I normally make fun of people who blog about computer stuff, and then secretly read their blogs. So feel free to call me a computer nerd today. But today, I was just noting that my cell phone battery seems to still last pretty long compared to my previous cell phones, and I think it's because I only charge it when it's down to 33% battery life or lower. So I was thinking, shouldn't that work with my laptop too? I googled it, and this guy says that to prolong a Lithium battery (which my MacBook uses), you should only charge it when it drops below 35-40% and stop charging it when it reaches 80-85%. I'm gonna try it whenever I'm at home, but I'll charge it up to 100% before I take it to class and only use it on battery when I'm in class. Has anybody else heard anything about this?


Preston said...

My mom used to say you should only recharge your electronics when they completely run out of power. It never made much sense to me; it'd be like only refilling your tank once your car sputters to a stop.

But who knows, maybe my mom is more techo-savy than she lets on.

Robert Liu said...

Yes, I learned in chemistry the...well, chemistry of a rechargeable battery. If you recharge it prematurely the battery life will fade slowly and it's best to charge it when it's completely out/very low on power.

Something about the ions rearranging and such. But I'm 90% sure that waiting to charge things is supposed to be better. Course, I don't. Too impatient =P

Miss you guys!