Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I Look Forward To

I am not a morning person. But thankfully I have been quite blessed, in both big ways and small, to where there is something I can look forward to each day. Granted, many of these things are TV-related, but hey, I am thankful for that, too.

So here's a week's rundown of what I can look forward to when I wake up each morning (not in order each day, by the way):
  • Sunday - Church. Of course. OK, I can't say I am super excited about going to church every Sunday, but it is always a good thing whether I feel like it or not. Also, if we are going at the right time, I can also look forward to listening to the weekly puzzle on NPR, featuring Puzzlemaster and New York Times puzzle editor Will Shortz.
  • Monday - Jon & Kate Plus 8. And CSI: Miami, which I have only recently gotten hooked on because I am waiting to see when Eric and Calleigh will finally get together.
  • Tuesday - American Idol.
  • Wednesday - American Idol. Meeting with my women's small group with my seminary-wife friends. If I happened to order any office supplies at work that week, these also usually arrive on Wednesdays.
  • Thursday - The Office. America's Best Dance Crew. Meeting with our community group.
  • Friday - Yay, it's Friday! The weekend is almost here. I get to go out on a dinner date with Ben. And then we can watch a murder mystery story on Dateline NBC.
  • Saturday - Yay, I can sleep late! It's (usually) a relaxing day with not much going on. Also, Saturday Night Live.
And repeat...

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