Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Night at the Mall

by Rachel

We typically go out to dinner on Friday nights as a date night. Tonight we had something to get at the mall, so we decided to eat at Chipotle nearby. As we approached Chipotle, we noticed that the fire alarm was going off and wondered if we'd be able to go inside. A Chipotle worker (possibly the manager) was standing outside and said, "You guys coming to get burritos?" We said yes and he told us to come on in despite the fire alarm - something small had set it off and now they were just waiting for it to be turned off. Because the alarm was so ear-piercing and thus a hindrance to a pleasant dining experience, the guy said the food would be on the house. We walked in and then debated for a moment - free food at the cost of our ears getting blasted? Thankfully the alarm turned off after we'd been in there barely a minute, and the guy came in and said we could still have our food free. Yes! Praise God for these small unexpected gifts.

After we ate, we shopped for a while. I have been shopping around for dresses for upcoming occasions, and have not been successful in finding something I like within my budget. I noticed that with current female fashion trends, I often cannot tell right off whether a certain article of clothing is a blouse, a skirt, or a dress. Items are strapless, or really short, or too long to look like a shirt but too short to look like a dress (at least in my opinion!)...I don't get it. This is ridiculous, ladies. More modesty, please!

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