Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hobby with the City

"Ever notice how churches tend to create their own Christian version of hobbies in their city? If they like to cycle, then instead of joining one of the countless cycling clubs [in the city], they create a Christian cycling club! Instead of joining a Run-Tex club, they form a Christian running club. Church League sports. It’s pathetic. Instead of joining a city league, churches create their own leagues so they can play one another!"

Compelling quote from Jonathan Dodson, a church planter in Austin, on how to get out of your Christian ghetto and live missionally.

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ayee said...

Agreed. Let's get into the lives of people who don't know Christ. Not reach out to them just because we view it as duty or requirement. But because we love them and want Jesus to be part of their actual lives, not just for 10 minutes here or there.

Plus, there are some pretty sweet non-Christian ballers out there. It would be mad fun to play with them.