Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Steamed Fish

The other day we steamed a fish. This is relatively newsworthy because steamed fish is one of my (Ben's) favorite foods and we've been wanting to try to cook it for awhile. Here's our first attempt:

If you're not Asian, seeing a whole fish like that probably freaks you out. But to us, it looks delicious. It actually was pretty good. Just add steamed fish soy sauce you can get at your local chinese grocery store, green onions, garlic, some hot oil and ten minutes in the steamer. The coolest thing was that we bought the fish at this big cheap grocery store near where we live (it's like the Massachusetts version of Houston's Fiesta) frozen for like $1 per fish (we bought two). And even though it was frozen, it still tasted pretty good. You gotta love cheap grocery stores where you can find cheap, unconventional food. In other words, food that minorites eat. :) Best $2 I've spent in a while.

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