Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving in Houston

I'm a little late in posting on this, but it's been a busy and tiring week since we returned from our trip to Houston for Thanksgiving. We were there from Thursday to Monday, and it was a great time of visiting with family and friends - it was the first time we'd seen most of them since we moved in August. The weather was cooler than we expected, in the 50s or so, but I discovered that I'm becoming a "cold snob" - that is, whenever I heard people talking about how cold it was in Houston, I wanted to say, "This is nothing!" And I'm sure in the summer, when all the New Englanders are complaining about temperatures in the 80s or something, I'll be like, "This is nothing!"
I digress. Aside from hanging out with family and friends, we also enjoyed eating some good food like Quan family potluck items, dim sum, Korean food, Tex-Mex, barbeque (REAL southern BBQ!) and Whataburger. I should clarify that decent dim sum and Korean food are available up here, but not easily accessible from where we live. We also went to a Rockets game. And we drove around in my mom's car and enjoyed the use of feeder roads (aka access/service roads) and the lack of rotaries/roundabouts.

As usual, here are some photo highlights from our trip:
Auntie Rachel and Victoria

Cousin Ben and Nate enjoying some Whataburger

Girls at Seoul House

Guys at Seoul House

Rockets game

Me and my friend Tamara from my Rockets days

Ben and CBC high school boys

Me and CBC high school girls

Our goddog, Russy

Tasty baby back ribs

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