Monday, September 22, 2008

Tired of Political Spin

Is anyone else tired of the caricaturizing, endless spin, half-truths and demonizing of the other side on BOTH sides of this year's presidential election?  I am.  This week's Time Magazine has agreat little chart, analyzing the truthfulness of the ads of both candidates.  Their conclusion: 

"Both candidates say they want to run a clean campaign.  In reality, they are tossing mud in every direction."  

Scot McKnight, a thoughtful theologian and cultural critic, posted a couple of very good analyses of both McCain and Obama -- some good things and bad things about both.  I highly recommend them.  McKnight's conclusion: 

"So, as I said about McCain. If Obama wins, there’ll be some things to like and some things to be concerned about. I think we’ll be able to work for the gospel under either President, and that is what matters most to me."    

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