Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in Salem

Well, we didn't actually spend Halloween in Salem (too crowded for our liking), but we were there the night before Halloween to see some of the festivities. Unfortunately the carnival that we wanted to go to was closed, but there were still some booths running with food, clothes and other novelties for sale, and things like "spiritual readings." There were also several haunted houses, but we weren't really into that. Lots of people were already in their costumes. Somehow it takes away from the scariness of your beastly, demonic mask when your friend has to tell you when to watch your step.

The more interesting things were 1) the guy with a sign that said "Jesus Saves," 2) the guy with a sign that said "Ask Me Why You Deserve Hell," and 3) the guy who unsuccessfully tried to scare me from behind. He came up behind me and screamed something, and I didn't react because I thought it was Ben (who had done that twice already that night). Anyway, I turned around, wearing my burnt orange Longhorn beanie, and he said, "Oh, that didn't scare her. She's from Texas." I felt proud.

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spud tooley said...

2) the guy with a sign that said "Ask Me Why You Deserve Hell"...

ah ... was this guy in a John Calvin costume, perhaps? or maybe it was one of the Pyros?... :)

thanks for your comment on Michelle Obama at JT's blog. the obama-bashers are there in full force. at least give the guy a chance, and admit he's making some impressive strides of progress over our current administration...

-mike rucker