Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Vacation Part 2

Wasn't there a McDonald's ad campaign a while back with the tagline "Food, Folks and Fun"? That probably sums up our Christmas trip. I talked a lot about going to some good restaurants in the last post, so I won't go on in too much more detail about the food part. Later in our trip we checked off a few more things on our "to-eat" list, including Whataburger and Greek food. And then there were plenty of homemade dishes that we scarfed up, like the Quans' jook and curry (not together); Poh-Poh's rainbow jello; Aunt Jean's "doong," cha siu baos and noodles (see below); and much more. WiiFit asked me why I gained 3 pounds and I said it was from eating too much.

One tasty treat

About the folks - as also mentioned earlier, we spent some great times catching up with family and friends. Cheesy as it sounds, I really was moved to tears on our last night as I thought about how many terrific people God has brought into our lives. And there were several more that we unfortunately didn't get to see at the time, but hopefully soon!

A semi Nurture Cell reunion

And the fun - this can be summed up in two words: Rock Band. We spent many hours playing at my parents' house and at our friend Brandon's house. I must say we have some very entertaining friends...but really, when it comes to Rock Band, almost anybody is entertaining.

This may have been Livin' on a Prayer...?

Ben brushes up on his drumming, sort of.

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