Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Vacation Part 3

We got back from our trip kind of late at night, so the airport was pretty empty except for a few people. As we were waiting for the parking shuttle, there was a man who I'm sorry to say I was immediately a little wary of. 

**On a side note, I want to mention that while I definitely don't want to judge or be rude to strangers, I think it's a little different for females. I wouldn't fault any female for not being the warmest, friendliest person toward an unfamiliar man when it's late at night and he's wandering around talking to random people.**

Back to the story. The man had been talking to another man, who seemed like he was trying to be polite but really wasn't interested in chatting. So the first man looked up and saw us as we were approaching the shuttle stop, and we had an exchange that went something like:

Man: "Chinese people! Got a light?"
Us: "No...sorry..."
Man: "What?! But Chinese people always smoke!"
Us: "Nope, not us."
Man: "Haven't you heard that song? [to the tune of that "doo-dah" song] Chinese people always smoke, doo-dah..." [does an accompanying little dance]
Us: (looking around uncomfortably)
Man says something else dismissing us and finally walks away.

Minutes later he comes back with his lit cigarette and announces to all of us standing there, "I got a light! Everybody's safe now. I'm not going to blow anything up."

Once again...I'm all for showing compassion to strangers. But this made me 1) pretty angry and annoyed and 2) not want to take late night flights too much in the future.

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