Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chicago Receptions/Cutest Nephew Ever!

Last weekend we went to Chicago for two additional wedding receptions hosted by Ben's parents for their Chicago friends. It was a fun but exhausting weekend. Saturday was filled with preparations for Reception #1, followed by the reception itself. Sunday we got to spend some time with my parents, who had flown in from Houston for the receptions, during a casual family worship time and lunch at the Puns' home. We also got to hang out at the Yees' house - home of Ben's best friend Andrew and a place where Ben spent much of his formative years (for those Houstonian friends who have known me forever - this would be analogous to Laura Moon's house for me). This was great because some of Ben's old friends were also staying there - Elton and Sarah, and Jon and Abby, along with their baby son Jona. The guys mostly watched the Bears game and the girls mostly watched Season 1 of The Office. Also, Sarah was a HUGE blessing because I was in great need of a girl who could create an "updo" with my hair for the Sunday night reception - I had gone to a salon for Saturday night but did not want to shell out more money for someone to do it again. So we turned Jessie Yee's bathroom into an impromptu salon and Sarah worked her magic. Thanks, Sarah!

Side view of Sarah's handiwork. I liked the little twisty part at the top.

With Elton and Sarah

We also got to spend some time with Ben's brother and sister-in-law and our new nephew, Caleb. Cutest nephew ever! (Except maybe if Pat and Brenda ever have another son - then he may have to share the title.) We had a fun time playing with him and seeing all his little "tricks." It was also good to hang out with Pat and Brenda, and they were a tremendous help in preparing things for the receptions and just providing a calming force in the middle of the busyness. Wish we lived closer to PB&C so we could see them more often.

Look what happened in Chicago! Just kidding, it's our adorable nephew, Caleb.

Here are a few more photos of Caleb. Unfortunately we don't have any photos of the receptions yet - since we were so busy, we didn't take any ourselves. But we should be getting photos from other people who did. We'll post a few of those as soon as we get them.

This is my fist!

Come play with me!

Uncle Ben makes me laugh!

Here is one last photo of Caleb - this was not taken during the weekend, but we wanted to include it just to show how darn cute he is. Thanks, Pat and Brenda, for letting us show off your child. :)

In a bear towel

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kq said...

OMG, Caleb is SOOO adorable! And congrats on your new job, that's awesome!