Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boston Plunge/Football

One of the things that appealed to Ben about Gordon-Conwell was its emphasis on urban ministry - reaching and meeting the needs of the populations of city centers. Today we participated in a GCTS-organized event called the Boston Plunge! where we went to Boston with other GCTS students and spouses to hear from urban church/ministry leaders about what God is doing in the urban areas and how we can get involved. We visited the historical landmark Park Street Church and heard from leaders of ethnically-targeted churches and ministries, and also went to GCTS's Boston campus, the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) and heard from leaders of ministries aimed more at meeting physical, educational and social service needs of the general urban population of Boston. God is definitely doing great things in the city -- among both ethnic minorities and young professionals -- and it's exciting to think about how we can get involved. I think it made us wish even more than we do already that we lived in the city. We'll probably consider moving later on, but we'll see how God leads.

On a completed unrelated note, I am very happy that football is back, both college and pro! We're back on the fantasy scene, and I am still keeping up with my beloved 'Horns from afar. It's sad that I can't watch the games live, though. :( But at least they're winning, even if the games have been much closer than I would like. I attribute much of this to the loss of our defensive coordinator, Gene Chizik. Upon discussing this with our friend Preston, I just learned that as the new head coach at Iowa State, Gene Chizik is now commemorated on a coin in Iowa. Check it out. I feel like this belongs on Jay Leno's "Headlines" or something.

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Preston said...

I think the winner of our fantasy league should win a commemorative Gene Chizik collector coin. BTW, thanks for walking me through setting my team up.

P.S. Reggie Brown better bring his A-game tonight if he wants to make up those 58 points for you.

P.P.S. You probably need to teach me how to properly smack talk, too.