Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weekend in L.A.

This past weekend we took a VERY brief trip to L.A. for the wedding of our friends Anthony and Tina. Having both lived in more centrally located cities, we were sort of dreading the length of the flight from the Northeast to the West Coast, but it wasn't too bad (despite the fact that we got to the gate a little late on our last leg back and had to board in the C group, meaning we didn't get to sit together - argh). It was great to celebrate with Ant and Tina, as well as hang out with many of our Houston friends. We also saw some interesting sights during our stay. No, not Hollywood or anything like that. See examples at the bottom.

Lims and Puns


Puns and Hammills

We searched for an extra outlet in our hotel room to plug in our phone chargers, laptop, etc. and we could only find one way up high.

A sign in the window of a Chinese business. So, where did they actually move to?

If you can't tell, those are spiderwebs coming off the hubcap. Amazingly, the car had not yet received a citation for violating the posted 3-hour parking limit.

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